Hi, I'm Sophie

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About me

I'm an over-emotional late forty-something Wedding and Funeral Celebrant aka ‘Smiler’, no prizes for guessing!

I’ve been in the game (not on the game!) for over eight years now. Before becoming a Celebrant, I worked as a Wedding Ceremonies Registrar for my local authority which became a tad frustrating as registrar-led ceremonies can be so very restricted.

Then one morning, just like the late great Freddie Mercury, I woke up singing ‘I’ve got to break free’ and so I did!

Qualifications count!

As a fully qualified Celebrant (unlike some shhhhh!) I hold a NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Celebrancy, adhering to the highest standards of practice.

I’d say my default ceremony style is traditional with a twist or informally formal.

I’m equally comfortable addressing a room of 180 guests as I am a chapel of just close family.

The scripts I write and deliver have been kindly described as ‘intuitive’, ’thoughtful’, ‘heartfelt’ and ‘spot on’.

Oh and as you know, I do love to raise a smile, I just can’t help it.

I just love those moments……

The one where the bride and groom burst into full-faced unashamed grins, in a moment of pure shared wedding joy!

Or when a ‘rabbit in the headlights’ groom searches my eyes for re-assurance and then finally settles in that magic moment of smiling peace as his partner arrives down the aisle to stand alongside him.

Or when a family that so dreads the stark reality of a funeral ceremony, is taken aback by a sense of pride, smiling at what they have achieved for their loved-one.

I really love those moments…… I really love my job.

Other details about me you can probably gloss over

  • I’m mum to a tween and a teen

  • I live in the New Forest (not actually in a forest!)

  • Been married and then not!

  • My old job was writing stories for the LEGO Company

  • I have a diploma in Person Centered Counselling

  • Four years ago, I planned my own mum’s funeral

  • I used to say ‘I don’t like champagne’ till I gave myself a slap!

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