As a couple you are entirely unique.

On this your most important day together, your wedding day, I can offer you a ceremony that truly reflects and celebrates the two of you and what makes you unique.


Now that’s special and that can be really memorable.


You don’t need to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ ceremony from a Registrar and listen to ceremony wording you could swear you’ve heard countless times before! 


Why be restricted on this of all days?

The Legalities

A Celebrant led wedding ceremony will not legally marry you, this you need to get done first. 

Do it like they do on the continent and increasingly here in the UK, firstly get the legal bit done at a Registry Office.  

Your local Registration Office have a range of options to include a simple, short and cost effective legal marriage ceremony at their Registry Offices.  You can even just rock up in your jeans with two random witnesses if you like!

With the legal stuff done, you are now free to focus on the main event that might perhaps happen later that same day or in the days that follow.

The main event that will include an off the peg, hand crafted wedding ceremony that your family and friends won’t have heard before and certainly won’t forget!  (Plus, they will have no idea that this isn’t the real ‘legal’ thing anyway!)

The location

The choice is yours?  Traditional of leftfield, I can deliver your wedding ceremony wherever you choose.

You are no longer restricted to choosing a hotel with a license to marry as you are already legally married!  This opens up so many possibilities...


I have conducted ceremonies at stately homes, in back gardens, village halls, in theatres, in a festival yurt, in a woodland and ofcourse in many lovely hotels.

The ceremony

My drive is to deliver a ceremony the two of you are 100% satisfied with and the planning starts well in advance of the big day.

It goes a little bit like this……….

 Good to knows

I am open to suggestion, which sounds dodgy I know!  What I mean is, if a 70’s disco theme wedding is your dream well brilliant, I’m up for it, I love a flare!!

I embrace couples from all backgrounds and orientations. 

I am happy to incorporate any religious belief systems into my ceremonies.

I am equally happy to present entirely

non-religious ceremonies.

 The cost
I charge £425 for my services as detailed above

Additional costs apply for:

Attending ceremony rehearsals

Any additional face to face meetings beyond our first

Travel costs outside of my local area

A few kind words

Sophie captured everything down to the last nuances perfectly.


She had the congregation on board from the start and gave off her best throughout.


We were all in awe of how effortlessly she was able to steer us through the service albeit with our nerves and stress.


We would highly recommend Sophie for your service if what you want is bespoke, unique and tailor made to suit you! Thank you Sophie for making our day so much more special.

—  Martin and Andrew Jones